La Rocque Harbour

Find the hidden treasure at the end of the rainbow in one of my favourite places in Jersey!  La Rocque Harbour is a sheltered spot for local fishing vessels and beachgoers and is particularly pretty at high tide. If you search hard enough, in the distance you’ll spot Seymour Tower, another famous Jersey landmark. Both the harbour and Seymour Tower are reminders of days gone by or “temps passé” as the locals would say. When I'm here and venture out to the end of the pier I feel like momentarily I'm off island - it's the small pleasures in life!  I recently learned it was at La Rocque Harbour French troops disembarked the night before the Battle of Jersey in January 1781. Mercifully we fought off this invasion aided by the heroic and infamous Major Pierson who gave his life defending our island.  The bullet holes even remain to this day on the walls of The Pierson pub in the Royal Square in St Helier.